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Wills, etc. 

171/222 Aves, Shadrach - Mildenhall - 1896
Letters of Administration (died intestate). Minor children Kate,  Robert Adam,  Shadrach, Horace Aves. Guardian Henry Carter Cooke. Brothers Adam, Henry, Charles & Uriah Aves. Brother in law Robert Rolfe. Parchment, wafer seal attached.  £7

10/2 Barfield, Benjamin and Cole, Mary - Barham - 1784 to 1793
Certified copy of entries in Parish Records of their marriage (1784), and the baptisms of 4 of their children on 2 sheets of paper, each certified & signed over a 1d lilac stamp by the Rector, J E L Schreiber and folded to form a letter addressed to F Hayward, Needham Market, in 1864. Penny Red postage stamp slit in two when letter originally opened. 2 franks (Ipswich & Needham Market).   £10

171/223 Beales, John - Gorleston - 1902
Letters of Administration - son Francis Isaac Beales.  Watermarked paper, wafer seal attached, 1 company stamp / dusting to reverse.  £4

67/57 Beamish, Mary - Beccles - (1797)
Certified copy of Will. Father Isaac, sister Carolina, brothers not named. Original Will had been made 1797. Sheet of paper, watermarked 1803, folded in two & written on 3 of the sides - some small holes in folds, slight staining in places & reverse dusty. Certified as true copy by Deputy Registrar, John Steward, bearing impressed Duty Stamps & pencil annotations. £25

67/58 Beamish, Mary - Beccles - (1797)
A further copy of Will. Details as for 67/57. Sheet of paper, written on 1 side, with some small holes in folds (slightly affecting text). £20

67/60 Beamish, Mary - Beccles - 1803 - Stamp Office Receipt & Discharge relating to Legacy received by James Beamish from Estate of his sister, Mary. Printed paper form with embossed Duty Stamp, and manuscript insertions - signed by ‘James Bemish’ with receipt on reverse for duty paid. Witnessed by GWB Bohun, also signed by Richd Willby & Josh Walford. £20

67/62 Beamish, Mary - Beccles - (1803 - 1808)
Five receipts for annual interest received by Carolina Beamish from R Chinery (Trustee of Mary Beamish), each being a small scrap of paper - four with embossed Duty Stamp, signed by Philip Pullyn, three with ‘mark’ of Carolina. £10

84/270 Betts, Robert - Wrentham - (died 1815)
Pre-printed paper form with manuscript insertions issued in 1845 by Legacy Duty Department relating to possible duties on Estate following the death of his father (also Robert). Document signed by C Trevor (Comptroller) folded and sent as a letter, franked for Wangford - torn where originally sealed as letter. Incorporates a copy of the solicitor's reply, with details of the Probate and funeral expenses of Robert jnr.  £15

50/97 Blowers, Francis - Remburgh / Beccles - 1796
Paper copy of Probated Will - Surgeon in Royal Navy - names grandparents [Howas , Remburgh ], brother and cousin. £25

67/90 Bohun, Richard - Beccles - 1844
Declaration that monies advanced by himself on Mortgage to Richard Ward (Salhouse, Norfolk) belonged to the estate of late Robert Ward (Salhouse).  Sheet of watermarked paper written 1 side, signed Richd. Bohun.  £15

211/76 Bowles, Caleb - Beccles - 1894
Probated copy of Will & Codicil - wife Ann, son Walter George - refers to their partnership, also house in Norwich.. Parchment - some pencil notations, grant of Probate & wafer seal attached.  £21

171/221 Bowles, Ann - Beccles - 1894
Probated copy of Will & Codicil - late husband Caleb Bowles, son Walter George, daughter Sarah (w/o Edward Canham, Cambridge St), possibly other un-named children. Parchment, grant of Probate & wafer seal attached.  £20

67/29 Bringloe, John - Beccles - died 1829
Copy of Will & Codicil - both he & his mother, Mrs Dorothy Scott were beneficiaries under the Will of Elizabeth Bull (North Court, Isle of Wight) - his daughter Mary Ann Bringloe - Codicil refers to her illegitimate child, his 'present' wife Mary Ann, niece Elizabeth Bringloe (d/o Potter Bringloe of Kingham, Norfolk), Ann (d/o Charles Garrard of Beccles) also a beneficiary. 6 large sheets paper watermarked 1857, written 5 sides - dusting to part of cover.  £22

50/99 Calver, Samuel - Wrentham - Died pre 1781
Letters of Administration, granted in 1814 -Paper - names 2 sons and refers to earlier Letters of Administration issued 1781. £15

50/100 Chipperfield, Robert - Beccles - 1827
Paper copy of Probated Will - names wife. £16

98/138 Clowes, Rev. Thomas - Ashbocking - died 1862
Limited Letters of Administration - 1888 - to Thomas King relating only to Estate of Miss Flora E M Kell Burdon of which Clowes had been Exor & Trustee.  Clowes' wife Caroline, sons Thomas A & Josiah H. Parchment with wafer seal attached. £12

106/29 Collins, James - Ipswich - died 1874 - dated 1882
Appointment of new Trustees of Will. Includes ref to Will, widow Hannah, late son Walter James Collins (who left widow & family), retiring trustees - son William Henry Collins (Ipswich) & Edward Garrard (Needham Market), new trustees William Green (Brantham) & Alan Turner (Ipswich). Parchment sheet with embellished 1st 2 words - writing faint in places - signed / sealed by Hannah & W H Collins, Garrard, Green & Turner. Olive Collins (Southsea) witnessed the reverse.  £45

67/23 - Oulton Broad, Lowestoft - dated 1925 - Draft Articles of Apprenticeship between  David Russell Thorpe - Age 15 years, his widowed mother, and Francis Geater (all of  Oulton Broad). Sets out terms of Apprenticeship which was to last 5 years, includes details of wages payable for each year. 3 sheets paper typed 3 sides.  £15

118/77 George, Martin - Hedenham - 1895 - named in brother's Will - for details see Norfolk page - Wills - George, William - Sprowston .

98/136 Goodchild, John - Ipswich - 1860
Probated copy of Will  - wife Sarah, children John E (London), William, Sarah w/o Edward Bass, Elizabeth w/o Cornelius Clarke. Details of several properties (with occupiers) in Ipswich. Dusting to reverse - parchment - Cert of Probate & badly damaged wafer seal attached, ink faded in some folds.  £16

50/95 Gooding , Robert - Durnham Bridge - 1803.   See also,53/160.
Will - Paper - names wife, 3 children by former wife, wife’s daughter by former marriage [Hart ] and daughter by current wife. £45

53/160 Gooding , Robert - Durnham Bridge - 1805. See also, 50/95 - earlier Original Will.
Original Will - Paper - signed by Robert Gooding and two witnesses, John Baldrey and J.E. Sparrow - names present wife, 3 children by former wife and daughter by current wife. £40

50/101 Goodwin, Caroline Amelia - Sproughton - Died 1846
Appointment of New Trustee 1867 - gives details of original Will and Mortgage granted by trustees. £28

171/220 Green, Eliza - widow -  Beccles - 1890 
Probated copy of Will - sisters Maria, Sarah & Ellen Burton. Brother in law William Green (Ellough), late brother Charles Burton (widow Sarah).  Late husband's gt niece Laura Brock (d/o William Brock (Kessingland).   Land at Barnly.  Parchment, grant of Probate & wafer seal attached, several company stamps on reverse.  £20

67/27 Green, John - Little Yarmouth - Will dated 1823 
Short extract
from Will proved 1825 - refers to son James Green and dwelling house at Lowestoft left to him. Large sheet of paper watermarked 1824, folded in 2 and written on a part of 1 side only. £8

118/93 Green, Samuel - Rushmere nr Wangford - 1883 
Probated copy of Will  -  wife  Eliza  - parchment - Cert of Probate &  wafer seal attached, several company stamps on reverse.  £18

48/164   Official copy of Will of Reeve, Judith (spinster) - (Bromyard, Hfdsh.) - died 1827 -  with bulk of estate going to cousins - Rev. John Hallward (Essington, Suffolk) and Thomas Hallward . For details see Herefordshire page.

171/2224 Hansell, Thomas William - Kirkley - 1919
Probated copy of short Will  -  wife Jane. Paper booklet, 4 company stamps inside covers.  £12

67/50 Harrison, Charles and wife Emily Georgiana (nee Boycott) - Barsham - 1874
Post-nuptial Settlement by Charles & Emily of her reversionary share under her parents Marriage Settlements. Refers to 1829 settlement on the marriage of late William Boycott (died 1871) & Elizabeth Georgiana nee Beevor - late Arthur Beevor & Sir Thomas Branthwayt Beevor were parties; Appointment of part of her reversionary interest in favour of her sister Fanny Louisa [who was possibly the w/o Rev. Robert Singleton Blofeld]; Appointment of part of her reversionary interest in favour of  Emily Georgiana Harrison; Will of William Boycott & details of  Emily Georgiana's entitlement to various assets included in his estate. A large number of family are mentioned in relation to various settlements including - Isabella Charity Boycott,  Frances Georgiana Boycott,  Emily Katherine Boycott, Madeline Elizabeth Boycott, Arthur St. John Boycott, Thomas Edward Branthwayt  Boycott, William Douglas Boycott, Laura Sophia Boycott, Charles Cunningham Boycott, Rev. William Boycott (Burgh St. Peter), Rev. Edmund  Boycott, and also to the Morse Boycott Estates & Fanny Louisa Blofeld.  14 page parchment booklet written 12 sides with pencil notes & underlining, slight fading in places. Signed / sealed E.G. Harrison, C.A. Harrison, Wm. Boycott, witnesses include Edmund Boycott (Beccles). [see also my Norfolk page - Wills, etc "A - M" re  documents under Boycott 67/44, 67/45, 67/46 and Cheshire page Harrison 67/32]  £45

118/79  Hayes, Rev Arthur - Ipswich - 1896 - wife Ellen was beneficiary named in  Will - for details see Norfolk page - Wills - Case, Charles - Toftrees.

67/25 Hayward, Robert - Lowestoft - dated 1757
Copy of Will proved 1759 - sons Robert Hayward & James Hayward, daughter Hellen (w/o Samuel Kitteridge), sister Margaret Money & niece Mary Harrison. Various messuages & lands including "The Seven Stars" occupied by William Chambers - other occupiers include Robert Wilson, Thomas Smith, John Mitchells. Refers to share in a ship called "Friends Adventure" of which Samuel Kitteridge was the Master & a Bond owing to Aldous Arnold (Lowestoft) who was also an Executor.  2 large sheets of watermarked paper with numerous splits & tears in folds, some underlining & staining, written 1½ sides.  £23

67/47 Hogarth,  David - formerly Lowestoft, now Portland Isle, Dorset - dated 1869
Release of interest in Marriage Settlement by Rev. David Hogarth in favour of his son Sumner Hogarth (Portland Isle). Refers to 1837 Marriage Settlement of David Hogarth and Hannah Prudence Bohun, issue of marriage (Sumner & two others, not named), her death in 1841 and advances made by the Trustees for Sumner's benefit. Richard Bohun (Beccles), John Hogarth (Berwick upon Tweed) & George Hogarth (late Edinburgh, now Cupar). Large sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 3 sides, signed David Hogarth & Sumner Hogarth, witnessed by Christina Mary Hogarth & Beatrice Hogarth (both spinsters of Portland Isle).  £30

67/48 Hogarth,  David - formerly Lowestoft, now Portland Isle, Dorset - dated 1869
Release of interest in Marriage Settlement by Rev. David Hogarth in favour of his son Bohun Hogarth (Portland Isle). Refers to 1837 Marriage Settlement of David Hogarth and Hannah Prudence Bohun, issue of marriage (Bohun & two others, not named), her death in 1841 and advances made by the Trustees for Bohun's benefit.  Large sheet paper watermarked 1867 folded in 2, written 2¾ sides, signed David Hogarth & Bohun Hogarth, witnessed by Christina M. Hogarth & Beatrice Hogarth (both spinsters of Portland Isle).  £30

67/51 Howman, Dorothea Louisa - Beccles - died 1862 (document dated 1875)
Discharge and Indemnity by residuary legatees under Will of Miss Howman, which details various properties in Suffolk which she owned - particularly in Beccles, also St. James Southelmham, Occold and her interest in leasehold chambers in Lincoln's Inn. Brother Edward John Howman, his children Henry Arthur Howman (Coleshill, Warwicks.), Edward Davison Howman (Bussage, Glos.), Louisa Jane Howman & Eleanor Mary Howman (both of Bexwell, Norfolk). Mortgage of reversionary interest by residuary beneficiaries, Thomas Brown (Southery, Norfolk) party to agreement as mortgagee. Details of Trust Funds and apportionment of residuary estate.    12 page watermarked paper booklet written 9 sides, slight dusting to cover. Signed Edward Davison Howman, Henry A. Howman, Thos. Brown,  Louisa Jane Howman & Eleanor Mary Howman.  Pinned to the document are a) a statement showing the amounts payable to each beneficiary, b) a request for payment signed  Edward Davison Howman, Henry A. Howman, Louisa Jane Howman & Eleanor Mary Howman.   £42

160/112 Linsley, John - Lowestoft - 1903
Probated copy of Will  -  wife  Emily, son James John Linsley. Details of several properties in Lowestoft & charitable bequests (including National Life Boat Inst) to be made in event of no surviving child reaching majority. Paper booklet written on 4+ sides, several pencil markings.  £16

57/2 Marsh, John - Broome - dated  1840
Assignment of life assurance policy and interest under Will of late uncle John Marsh (Broome) as security for loan by Henry Brunning Marsh (Upton on Severn) to Robert Rising (Worcester). John's widow was Mary, brothers Nathaniel Marsh [children Nathaniel & Mary] & William Marsh [children Elizabeth (w/o George Beard), Emma (w/o James Wilkinson), Harriet, Eliza, William, John, Arthur, Walter, Henry Brunning & Edward Brunning Marsh]. Large sheet parchment with  1st 2 words embellished, some dusting to reverse. Signed / sealed by Henry Bru Marsh. [see also my Worcestershire page - Wills etc - Marsh for documents 57/3, 57/4, 57/5, 57/12]  £54

160/9 Minns, John - Thwaite - 1841
Probated copy of Will & Codicil - wife Loise, sons in law James Minns (? Etchingham, Norfolk), George Strange (Mettingham), children Loise, Charlotte (late w/o William Fflaxman & their children George & Hannah), Maria, Harriett, Honor (w/o Thomas Pain), Caroline, John, Charles, James & Mary dec'd (her children not named).   The original had been witnessed by a  David Minns.
3 large sheets parchment with cert of Probate & wafer seal attached. Pencil notes & some underlining to text, some fading in folds & dusting to outer.  £39

118/35 Newson, Henry  - Bury St Edmonds - 1860 - son of Mary of Norwich for details of  Letters of Administration see Norfolk page - Wills.

98/135 Nicholls, John - Beccles - 1852
Copy of Will - wife Sarah - single side of watermarked paper - some damp stains & small holes not affecting text.  £6

160/114 Nichols, Charlotte Mary (widow) - Lowestoft - 1923
Probated copy of Will  - refers to children (not named) & niece Annie Hardy (Norwich). Paper with 3 company stamps on cover.  £12

67/87 Primett, Thomas the elder - Beccles - Will made 1824, Proved 1830, document 1831
Extract from Will - son also Thomas Primett. Refers to Butchers Shop in the new Market Place of Beccles. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1¾ sides, prepared to accompany the Abstract of Title - see "Property" page - Beccles 67/86 [also  67/88].  £12

53/159 Purvis, Richard - Beccles - Captain, Royal Navy - 1802
Attested copy of Will - paper. Names wife Lucy (nee Leman) - Bath, but not minor children. Refers to marriage settlement 1779 and extensive lands in Essex, Suffolk and Warwickshire. £30

160/54 - 1904 - Probated copy of Will - one of  beneficiaries - sister Lydia Self (Worlingham).  For full details & price, please see my Norfolk page - Wills - Shearing, William - Colton

226/23 1704 -  Obligation Bond given by Elizabeth Smith, widow & Dalton Smith (Wickham Brooks) to Thomas Fuller (Saffron Walden) re Indenture of same date. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1 side - part pre-printed with manuscript details, ink & embossed duty stamps. 1st paragraph in Latin (standard until 1733).  'Marks' & attractive red wax seal of Elizabeth & Dalton Smith, witness signatures of  Jo. Sparrow sen & Robt. Filbridge.  £55

50/98 Smith, Jerimiah - Beccles - 1828
Extracts from Will - Paper - names wife and brother. £7

50/96 Southgate, William - Swilland - 1806
Probated copy of Will - parchment - mentions a large number of names, including brother, nephews and other Southgate but relationship not given. £32

67/26 Spore, Mary - Westhall - dated 1794
Acknowledgement of receipt of bequest in her Will - by Stephen Culham and Francis (nee Spore), his wife. Francis was one of  Mary's 8 children. Sheet of watermarked paper with ink & impressed duty stamps, written 1 side, with 'marks' of Stephen Culham and Francis Culham, witnessed by G. W. B. Bohun.  £30

160/77 Marjorie (daughter of Charles F Stubbing of Lowestoft) Beneficiary of Will. For full details & price of this document, please see my Norfolk page - Wills - Woodcock, Samuel Jonathan - Norwich - 1912

67/24 Thompson, Joseph - Nonsuch Park, Surrey - 1743
Copy of Will - refers to two sisters [married surnames Whately and Brooksbank] Christian names of sisters and their husbands not given. The former had sons Thomas Whately, Joseph Whately and William Whately; the latter had sons & daughters, but none were named. Cousins William Thompson (Elsham) & Robert Thompson. Servant Isaac Pattenson. Grandfather Robert Thompson who had held Leasehold Manors at Thorphall, Bastruttings, Debash Burgh, Wilby & Shelton Hall and Copyhold lands at Felsham & Steadbrook - all held by Joseph Thompson. Mentions lands in New England - no details given. 3 sheets watermarked paper written on 4½ sides - several tears & small holes to folds in paper.  £37

67/89 Thompson, Joseph - Nonsuch Park, Surrey - died 1743 - dated 1747
Copy of Court Direction delivered in connection with dispute between beneficiaries under Will. Beneficiaries and parties to Court Action are - Joseph's sisters Mary, w/o Thomas Whately [their children Thomas Whately, Joseph Whately and William Whately] and Elizabeth, w/o Stamp Brooksbank [their children  Joseph Brooksbank, Stamp Brooksbank, Mary Brooksbank, Frances Brooksbank, Emelia Brooksbank, Sophia Brooksbank and William Brooksbank ] also Servant Isaac Pattenson.  There are also references to a debt owing to cousin William Thompson and an annuity to Deborah Freeman. The document contains details from the Will, including properties he owned, in London; the arguments advanced by the various parties to the Court case and the Court Direction.    3 sheets watermarked paper written on 2½ sides - several tiny splits & small holes to folds in paper.  £44

67/23 Thorpe, David Russell - Age 15 years - Oulton Broad, Lowestoft - dated 1925 - Draft Articles of Apprenticeship between David, his widowed mother, and Francis Geater (all of  Oulton Broad). Sets out terms of Apprenticeship which was to last 5 years, includes details of wages payable for each year. 3 sheets paper typed 3 sides.  £15

97/44 Twaits, James - Bucklesham - dated 1798
Original Will - wife Mary, daughter Amy (w/o John Ford of Kirkton). Freehold cottage & land. Sheet paper watermarked 1794, split approx 1½" to bottom of centre fold. 2 small areas of stain (but text legible).  'Mark' of James Twaits with seal, witnessed by R Dyer with 'marks' of James Goutt & Robert Markham.  £50

67/95 Ward and Holt, Margaret - late 18th or early 19th century [purchased with other Suffolk & Norfolk papers]
Short notes relating to the Administration of a Trust Settlement for the benefit of Mrs Margaret Holt and the son she had by the late Mr. Ward, whom she'd married. Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 & written on 1 side, with some small holes, not affecting text. The document is not dated, but the watermark includes the initials "G R" [George Rex, for King George].  £8

67/33 Ward, Robert - Beccles - 1812
General Release and Quit Claim given by Samuel Barrett (late Beccles, now Diss, Norfolk) to Ward against all actions, debts, etc, excepting an Obligation Bond of even date. Large sheet of paper, watermarked 1806, with embossed Duty stamp, folded in 2 and pre-printed on 1 side, with manuscript insertions. Signed & sealed (red wax seal with impression of gentleman in profile) by Samuel Barrett, witnessed by W.B. Bohun & Fra. Caskett.  £34

67/34 Ward, Robert - Beccles - 1812
Draft Bond by Ward in favour of Samuel Barrett (late Beccles, now Diss, Norfolk) refers to amounts owed to Ward by Barrett, Deed Poll by Barrett assigning his possessions, stock, etc to Ward, sale of Barrett's assets by Ward and undertaking by Ward to keep Barrett indemnified against remaining debts. It lists Barrett's other creditors - giving their name, place of residence, occupation and amount of debt [26 in total includes Thomas Woodroffe, John Woolner, William Tooke, Richard Willby, William Aldy, Thomas Barker, James Copeman, James Berry, John Kent, Thomas Fuller, Dan. Delf & Martha Bales - all of Beccles].  2 sheets of watermarked paper, written 3 sides. £32

160/113 White, Thomas - Oulton Broad - 1914
Probated copy of Will - wife Elizabeth, her aunt Miss Elizabeth Blanch (Lowestoft). Paper booklet.  £12

98/83 Wiggett, Edward W - Bury St Edmunds -   see Norfolk page for father's Will -  Wiggett, Edward - Cromer - 1844

84/262 Wilkinson, Christian - (widow) - Hadleigh - 1791
Attested contemporary copy of Will - names sons John & Charles - details property left to each of them. 1 side Watermarked paper - attested & signed by Robert Offord & Jno Duningham (clerks to Mr Leake).  £32

84/261 Wood, Mary -  Bury St Edmunds / Sudbury - 1769
Small slip of paper (possibly torn from notebook) containing a copy of the Burial Register entry - names husband as Roger Wood - signed by J B Sams (Minr).  £3

160/111 Worman, James - Shipmeadow Union - died 1869
Letters of Administration - mother Hannah, sister Mary Ann (w/o George Rouse). Parchment with wafer seal attached, dated 1877.  £6