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Property, etc.

84/203 Blyth – 1857Copy of undertaking given by C C Winter to Colton Bernard Winter to produce Title Deeds of properties in Oldcoats, Blyth left to them by John Winter. Single sheet of paper watermarked 1865.  £3

68/21  Carlton, Gedling1764 – Sale of Land by Edward Kirk to Charles Kirk. Paper Lease – signed and sealed by Edward Kirk, witnessed by Wm Taylor and Thos Plowman.  £51

177/18  Calverton1889 – Mortgage of  properties in Bucknall, Staffs. including the Masons Arms, High Street; closes of land & newly erected properties by Joseph Holdcroft, John Munro & Thomas Bickley (all of Hanley) to William Lovell Hunter (Pudsey, Yorks.) & William Rigby (Calverton, Notts.).  Refers to 1883 acquisition of land by Holdcroft, Deed by him that part of premises were held as trustee for Munro & Bickley, & mortgage by the latter 2 of their share to the Ancient Order of Forresters Friendly Society.  Full details of property used as security for 2nd mortgage advanced by Hunter & Rigby including acreage, tenants, adjoining lands & occupiers. Land by road from Hanley to Longton. This document includes a 1914 Assignment of this mortgage by Rigby (pencil note on reverse shows his address as Cannon Street, London E.C.) following the death of Hunter in 1910.  8 page parchment booklet written on 6 sides, writing faint in places.  Mortgage signed /sealed by Joseph Holdcroft, John Munro & Thomas Bickley & assignment signed /sealed by Wm. Rigby.  £36

177/37  Calverton1898 – Mortgage of  land & dwelling houses in Bucknall by Joseph Holdcroft, John Munro & Thomas Bickley (all of Hanley) to Edwin Brough (Wyndyak, Scarborough, Yorks.) & James Roland Brough (Finsbury Park, London).  Refers to 1883 acquisition of land by Holdcroft, Deed Poll in which he stated that the land was held on behalf of himself,  John Munro & Thomas Bickley, & mortgages  to the Ancient Order of Forresters Friendly Society and William Lovell Hunter (Pudsey, Yorks.) & William Rigby (Calverton, Notts. & Blackheath, Kent) in 1889.  8 page parchment booklet written on 6 sides, incorporating a detailed Location Plan on page 3, signed /sealed by Joseph Holdcroft, John Munro  Thomas Bickley, Wm Lovell Hunter &  Wm. Rigby. This document includes a 1930 Assignment of this mortgage to James Rowland Brough (then of Eversly, Shepherds Hill, Highgate, Middx) & Harold Gordon Brough Harringay Pk, Crouch End, Middx) following the death of Edwin Brough & the 1931 Redemption of the mortgage signed /sealed by James R Brough & H. G. Brough.  £40

177/40 Calverton  1901 – Further mortgage of  properties in Bucknall, Staffs.  including the Masons Arms, High Street;  land & 13 dwellings to Joseph Holdcroft (Bucknall) by William Lovell Hunter (Pudsey, Yorks.) & William Rigby (late Calverton, Notts. now Cannon Street, London ).  Refers to Deed of even date by which Holdcroft acquired the shares of Thomas Bickley & Rebecca Munro (executrix & widow of John Munro) in the lands & covenanted to pay the existing mortgages, lists the lands & properties as security for further mortgage. Large parchment sheet folded in 2, written 2 sides  signed /sealed by Joseph Holdcroft witnessed by Arthur Gilman (solr clerk, Leek).  £30

177/56  Calverton  1909 – Assignment of further mortgage. Refers to acquisition of  property in Bucknall by Joseph Holdcroft,   John Munro and Thomas Bickley, mortgages to the Ancient Order of Forresters Friendly Society and William Lovell Hunter (Pudsey, Yorks.) & William Rigby (Calverton, Notts. & London), acquisition of Munro & Bickley’s interest by Holdcroft, further mortgage by Hunter & Rigby & assignment of further mortgage to Parkers Burslem Brewery Ltd, Burslem. 8 page parchmen booklet written 7 sides  signed /sealed by Wm Lovell Hunter &  Wm. Rigby.  £34

98/58 1823 – East / Great Leake – Property acquired by John Kirkland in 1767 being disposed of by Richard Renshaw (Nottingham) as Administrator – for details, see under Wills on Leicestershire page.

146/13 Grasthorpe – 1810 – Abstract of Title of  William Drewery to a  windmill & premises sold to  Cartwright. Earliest reference 1801,  acquisition 1810 by Robert Robinson (Grasthorpe, Notts. / N Somercotes / Halton Holgate).  Details & price of this document on my Lincolnshire page – Property –  North Somercotes – 1875

215/166 – Lynby – 1865 – Agreement for sale of Leasehold Property by Administrators of late Thomas Allen [Martha and Rev. Joseph Ford (Edinburgh) & John Downs (Buxton, Derbysh) to Andrew Montagu (Melton Park, West Riding, Yorksh) [his agent was Thomas Lyson Cundy (nr Weatherby, Yorksh)].  The sale was of the remaining Term of the Lease of property at Lynby adjoining Andrew Montagu’s existing lands. Gives names & acreages of various Closes of land and details of original 1699 Lease  between Sir William Stanhope (Lynby) to Edward Clarke (of Shelford, Limner servant to Stanhope).  6 page paper booklet (sewn together at edge, but beginning to separate) and written 4 sides. Signed Tho. L Cundy, witnessed by John W. Forrest.  £30

146/11 North Collingham – 1871 – Sale of close of land by Thomas Johnson Mason to John Eve (North Collingham).  Details & price of this document on my Lincolnshire page – Property –  North Somercotes

 215/167 Nottingham – 1874Draft Power of Attorney to surrender of Copyhold lands including Mount Farm (or Brown Ridding), Sutton Hall, Henshalls Farm & Cross Farm owned by Samuel Greg to Manorial Court of Forest of Macclesfield in connection with assignment of mortgage by Trustees of Henry Enfield to Albert Heymann & William Henry Heymann (both of West Bridgford, Notts) & Richard Enfield (Nottingham). Extensive details of properties, names of occupiers & Closes. Mentions  earlier Deeds (presumably the original Mortgage & subsequent assignments). 10 sheets paper written 9 sides – dusting to cover & slight dusting & fraying to edge of some sheets.  £28

130/113 Nottingham – 1885 – Declaration made by John Mills (Wymeswold, Leics.) who was then 60 years old, regarding the late William Burrows (Nether Broughton) and 3 closes of land at Wymeswold owned by Burrows & recently sold to Trinity College Cambridge. Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 and written on 1 side. “Mark” of  John Mills, countersigned by Arthur Parsons, Commissioner of Oaths, Nottingham.  £20

130/116 Nottingham – 1906 – Reconveyance – mentions 2 1905 Indentures by which John Stewart Bradford mortgaged properties (no details provided) to both Ind Coope & Company Ltd. (Romford, Essex) and The Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Banking Company Ltd. All moneys owing to the bank had now been repaid and they assigned the mortgaged property to the brewery for the residue of the term subject to a proviso for redemption. Large sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 and written 1¼ sides, with Common Seal of Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Banking Company Ltd & signatures of Robert Halford (Director) and J. F. Youngman (Joint Gen. Manager).  £22  

63/1 Southwell –  1807- Sale of Property (Messingham, Lincs.) — Thomas Gerrard Ferrand (Trinity College, University of Cambridge) to Thomas Sowerby. William Barnard (Gainsburgh), and Thomas Hill (Scotterthorpe) were also party to agreement. 3 sheets parchment – signed and sealed by Thomas G Ferrand and Thomas Hill. Witnessed by  B Codd, Jon Brundrett, Wm. Nicholson, also mark of William Allison. Refers to Ferrand’s late father, Thomas Ferrand (heretobefore, Thomas Waddington) and to Gerrard Thomas Ferrand, Southwell, Nottingham, deceased, and details title to property by reference to earlier deeds going back to 1719. [see also 84/202, below]  £52

54/103  Stanford Hall – 1794 – Sale of ½ interest in 2 pieces of Land at Birstall, Leics. by John Hill & Mary, his wife (Haymarket, Middx.) to Joseph Hill (Stanford Hall, Notts.). Mary Hill was the only sister and heir of William Hodges (Birstall, who lately died in America), the only son and heir of late Catherine Hodges (Birstall) one of two daughters of Mary & Thomas Simpson (Birstall). The Lands were formerly in the open fields of Birstall, details include the names of adjoining landowners to whom they were allocated under the Birstall Inclosure. The Lands were subject to a Life Interest of Mary Mortimer who was the widow of Thomas Simpson, and had later re-married, Thomas Mortimer  (Birstall) and 2 Mortgages advanced by William Vann (Leicester) in 1785 & 1789. 2 very large parchment sheets with decorative 1st 2 words incorporating Royal Coat of Arms. Signed / sealed by John Hill & Mary Hill witnessed on reverse by George Burley & Dan. Moore.   Notes on the reverse – dated 1803 states that Thomas While (Birstall) had purchased 15 acres of the Land; – dated 1844 that John While sold part of the Land to Henry Paget.  £77

Wills, etc.

171/231 Blain, Joseph – Nottingham – dated 1866 Original short Will – wife Charlotte. Sheet watermarked paper written 1 side, signed Joseph Blain, witnessed by William Limmer (Runton, Norfolk) & his wife Sarah Eliz Limmer. £23

130/109 Browne, Ann – Bradmore – 1752
Obligation Bond given by Dorothy Wilde (Barrow upon Soar, Leics.)  in favour of Ann Browne. Dorothy was the only daughter of Barton Wilde who was the youngest son of Mathew Wilde of Barrow. Refers to an Indenture (possibly a Mortgage) of even date between Dorothy & Ann. Sheet of watermarked paper folded in 2 and pre-printed on 1 side with manuscript insertions. “Mark” of Dorothy Wilde with wax seal and witness signatures of Fres.? Jenkinson and Thos. Stamford. Small amount of damage to edge of document slightly affecting odd letter of text.  £48

225/13 Dean, Jonathan – West Retford – 1813 Declaration that he knew and was well acquainted with William Kirke (East Markham), his brother Edmund Kirke (East Retford) & sisters Elizabeth (w/o Rev John Shillets of Headon), Ann (w/o John Bright) & Eleanor Kirke. Sheet watermarked paper folded in 2, written 1 side, ink & embossed duty stamps. Signed Jonn. Dean, witnessed by Jno Holmes (Master Extra in High Court of Chancery).  £34

84/202 Ferrand / Waddington – Certified copy of baptismal entry (1785) of Thos Gerard son of Revd Thos Waddington, endorsed on reverse Thomas Gerard Ferrand. Small piece of paper watermarked 1836 – signed by H (or W?) Tiffin, vicar.  [see 63/1 above]. £4

50/89 Gamson, Caroline [Spinster] – Gringley on the Hill – 1883 – [see 50/86 and 50/88].  Probated copy of Will – paper – names 3 brothers, sister, nephew and nieces [Nicholson, Noak, Simpson, Tabuteau ]. £26

50/88 Gamson, Harriett [Spinster] – Gringley on the Hill – 1858 – [see 50/86]   Probated copy of Will – paper – names 3 brothers, sister, niece and 3 nephews. £18

50/86 Gamson, James – Gringley on the Hill – 1822  Paper copy of Will – names wife and 15 children [ one married to Brownlow ]. £25

84/201 Gamson, William – Gringley on the Hill – 1759  Attested copy of Will – wife Elizabeth and  children William,  James,  John,  Mary (w/o Gervase Woodhouse),  kinsman Robert Cross. Lands in Beckingham, Misterton, Gringley left to children. 3 sheets paper watermarked 1805. Small holes in folds slightly affecting text. Copy dated 1806 (original 1759) signed by John Cartwright (Attorney, Bawtry, Yorks) & W Thorpe (his clerk). £33

211/45 Ann [nee Lyon of East Redford] Probated copy of husband’s Will – refers to 1774 Marriage Settlement. Full details & price on my Northumberland page – Wills –   Clutterbuck, John – Warkworth – 1832

98/42 MacPherson, Alexander – Nottingham – 1893. Named in brother’s Will – for details see Lancashire page  – John Macpherson.

54/11 Richards, John Bird – Clayworth – 1850 – Trust Settlement by Anne Bird, Executrix and Sole Beneficiary of the Will of John Bird – died 1849 – (Leicester), in favour of his natural son, John Bird Richards, by Sarah Richards – now the wife of William Wylde (Clayworth, Notts.) Document includes the 1856 Release by John Bird Richards following the transfer of the Trust Funds to him at the age of 21. Sheet of paper, watermarked 1848, folded in 2 & written 3 sides, with slight dusting. The Settlement signed & sealed by Ann Bird, the Release signed & sealed by John Bird Richards, witnessed by Jno. Edwd. Dalton.  £37

211/49 Scott, Sarah – Mansfield – 1901 Probated copy of Will – father late Obadiah Scott (Ditch Field, Burwell, Cambs. where Sarah had land), brother James Scott. She named Frances Scott (Swaffham Fen), widow, as an Exor. Paper booklet, bank stamp on back, wafer seal attached.  £15

50/87 Slater, Catherine [Spinster] – Walkeringham – 1851  Probated Will – parchment – names large number of beneficiaries including Slater and Williamson . £32

97/41 Ward, John – Nottingham – 1781 / 1800 Probated copy of 1781 Will – wife Mary, children Elizabeth,  John,  Joseph Ward. By 1800 when Probate was granted to Mary, she had married William Smith. Parchment with grant of Probate & wafer seal attached. Together with a small receipted invoice for the costs of obtaining Probate – signed by J Stockdale. £42

54/18 Worth, John Henry – late of East Retford, now of West Retford – 1878 – Release of Trustees by John Henry Worth, the beneficiary of a Settlement by his mother Elizabeth Worth. The Trustees William Kempson (Leicester) & John Armston Pochin (Great Wigston) were party to the agreement. Refers to Settlement of 1847 with details of assets settled upon Trust & how they are to be applied. Also contains details of changes of Trustees and Trust Assets, the death of Elizabeth in 1877 and the distribution of the assets to John Henry. Large sheet of paper watermarked 1875, folded in 2 & written 2½ sides signed by John Hy. Worth, William Kempson & John Armston Pochin, witnessed by N? Llewellyn Salisbury (Solicitor, Leicester) & James George Pochin (Wigston Magna).  £38